Most recent demo reel :


Custom deformer plugin for Maya

Tools used: Maya API with C+

A custom deformer for Maya which deform any mesh into a sphere with key-  able attributes. Done by drawing a vector from each vertex to the center of the mesh and displacing said vertex by the radius amount specified.

Computational Photography

Tools used: Python

A collection of novel applications to avoid the limitations of standard cameras
using computer algorithms such as image re-targeting, high dynamic range
imaging, and texture synthesis. Makes use of image and video processing tools like sampling, filtering, pyramids, Harris corner detector, and RANSAC.

Physics based particle generator

Tools used: C++ | OpenGL

A particle generator which simulates up-to 30000 particles at a stable frame rate.  Uses probability distribution for initial attributes including position, velocity, lifespan and color. Includes collision detection  using barycentric co-ordinates. Also has a vortex force for interesting particle choreography. 


Tools used: Unreal Engine, Maya

Worked with mentors from epic games, bioware and bluepoint games to build a third person RPG game over the course of 2 months. Was the lead programmer of a team of 5. Managed the project using source control through perforce. Did R&D on shaders in Unreal.

Procedural Gait Replication Of An Ape

Tools used: Python, Maya

A procedural replication of the gait of an ape where Sin function controls the translateX value of the semi spheres ( each of the four which represent the legs of the ape) and a Cos function controls the translateY value of the semi sphere. The slider on top controls how fast the ape moves forward changing it’s motion from walk to trot or run respectively.

Scallywag's Cove

Tools used: Unreal Engine, Maya

A VR game done in 48 hours during the annual game jam, Chillenium at Texas A&M University. Was the lead modeler and technical artist in a team of 4. Modeled everything seen in the video. Wrote the water shader and created the animation state machines and blueprints. 

Houdini procedural wall

Tools used: Houdini

Houdini procedural wall tool I am currently writing for one of the game projects that I am part of. The wall has automatically scaling UVs. The artist can use a custom curve to shape the wall as he goes. He can control the width, height of the wall and pillars and also control the pillar frequency between walls.

Hidden Escape

Tools used: Unreal Engine, Maya

Hidden Escape is a VR game i did over the course of a semester along with three teammates. I was the technical director for the team and was in charge of how the game looks. I also helped with programming in blueprints. I wrote a special shader for the game which acts as a core game-play feature which you can see in the video. You can download the game and know more about it by visiting the game website.

Quadruped Auto-rig

Tools used: Python, Maya

An auto rig tool for quadrupeds which rigs a four legged animal based on a few locators and mesh names. This is still a very basic implementation of what I want. I hope to add more procedural-ism to this to make it work on any quadruped.


Tools used: C++

Built a ray tracer in C++ using openGL. Images show renders with diffuse shading, rectangular light highlights, texture mapping with normals and some metal and dielectric materials.