👋 Hello, I'm Nagaraj Raparthi!

🔍 Currently Seeking: Exciting opportunities in the dynamic realm of technical art and graphics optimization.

💼 My Background:
With a strong foundation in 3D content creation and extensive experience with Digital Content Creation (DCC) tools like Maya, 3DS Max, and others, I have made significant contributions to several AAA Hollywood titles as a 3D artist. I also hold a Master’s degree in Computer Graphics and conducted my thesis on GPU optimization techniques in Unreal Engine. My experience studying computer graphics at a graduate level has provided me with a deep understanding of the intricacies of this ever evolving files.

🎮 Unreal Engine Expertise:
I specialize in creating, optimizing and writing tools for 3D content, digital doubles and avatars, specifically tailored for Unreal Engine. My proficiency extends to C++ and graphics programming within Unreal Engine, allowing me to fine-tune rendering techniques and algorithms to consistently achieve high-quality visuals.

🤝 Collaborative Spirit and Research :
I thrive in small, innovative teams and am no stranger to conducting independent research. An example of my commitment to advancing the field is my work on motion matching algorithms. I implemented parallel GPU threading within Unreal Engine using C++, leading to a publication in the Siggraph Asia 2020 conference.

You can explore my research paper here:

Let’s connect and explore how my 3D technical art, graphics optimization, C++, and Unreal Engine skills can bring value to your project or organization.

🎥 Technical Demo Reel :

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You can find links to my LinkedIn, Git, Artstation and IMDB pages below.